Our policy

TAMADA Board of Management recognizes that quality is a permanent objective. We consider quality as the key to not only a sustainable growth for our company, but also to the development of long term beneficial relationships with our clients, personnel, subcontractors and other business partners.

Our company is committed to implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System using the appropriate ISO 9001-2015 standard. We are under certification process in Myanmar and Vietnam, target date is March 2019.


Our Quality Management System relies on the following policy:

Establish and implement project specific quality plans to reflect customers’ needs and expectations and achieve them – with a particular emphasis on delivery time.

Identify the required skills and resources to achieve desired levels of service to our clients and provide them.

Ensure that employees are aware of the requirements and agreed standards on their work and that they constantly meet these.

Ensure employees are competent for the works and provide appropriate training when required.

Extend awareness of the quality requirements of the projects to subcontractors and suppliers and ensure that they meet them.

Promote a spirit of working within “the rules of Art” and target reduction of remedial and corrective works – Doing things “Right First Time”.

Ensure, by fostering a spirit of teamwork and open communication that employees understand that they have an influence and are in charge of the application of the system, that they assume ownership for its improvement and regularly contribute to it.

Monitor the performance of our system, the quality of our service, and the satisfaction of our customers and aim for continual improvement.

The implementation of our QMS is tracked through internal audit, management review and monthly monitoring  of the quality objectives.

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