Our policy

Health, Safety and Environment are amongst TAMADA’s top priorities. In 2018, both TAMADA Vietnam and TAMADA Myanmar we are in progress to achieved the OHSAS 18001:2007 certification. From construction, installation, maintenance in buildings projects, remote and various industrial sites as well as power plants, our staffs are exposed everyday to hazards, chemicals, refrigerants and power sources.

In such challenging environments, TAMADA has developed a safety culture and policy with clear objectives: no accident & reduction of the number of injuries to an absolute minimum level.


Top management has set up a strict control framework and documentation that guarantee all safety key factors are delivered as per our stringent standards and business principles. Within this policy framework and full compliance with applicable local Governmental laws, regulations and industry recognized standards, TAMADA is committed to:

Provide and adopt in all divisions HSE work methods and conditions.

Inform all employees on potential hazards and the precautions to be adopted by providing information, instruction, training and supervision.

Identify the immediate and underlying causes of work and related injuries and implement any preventive necessary action.

Encourage employees actively to participate in health and safety arrangements and submit ideas and suggestions to improve standards.

Minimize our environmental impact for the benefit of all persons, employees and the business performance.

Minimize our use of resources, prevent pollution and minimize waste.

Recover and recycle in preference to disposal wherever practicable and economically viable.

Communicate this policy and the results of our activities to members of the division and other interested parties.

Projects and Department Managers are responsible and accountable for maintaining HSE standards in their work environments. They shall enforce them towards their employees,  sub contractors and the public. This Policy will be reviewed and developed periodically to ensure it remains effective and necessary amendments shall be communicated to all employees.

In addition, TAMADA has developed a “Hearts & Minds” program that invites our staffs to take safety messages back to their home, family and neighbors.

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